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Radiesse in Vienna, Virginia

We are proud to offer Radiesse for patients looking to add volume to specific areas for a younger-looking appearance.

What Is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an injectable cosmetic filler that adds volume to wrinkled or folded areas of the skin which have aged over time.

Treatment Areas

Radiesse is most commonly used to address aging areas of the face, however, it is also used to bring volume back to the hands.

How Long Does Radiesse Last?

You can generally expect your Radiesse treatment to last for up to two years.

Does Radiesse Hurt?

Your injector will apply local anesthesia during your injection to combat any discomfort you may feel from your treatment.

How Long Is a Treatment Session?

In most cases, you can expect your treatment to last 15 minutes or less depending on how many injections you require.

Is There a Recovery Period?

There is no recovery required at the doctor’s office following your treatment.

Radiesse Results

You should see results from your treatment immediately with complete results appearing within one week.

The Side Effects

The most common side effects are mild and should go away within a day or so.

These include swelling, itching, bruising, or redness at the injection site.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Radiesse?

Radiesse is a great option for anyone unhappy with the visible signs of aging on the face or hands.

However, your doctor will be the best person to determine the right treatment plan for you based on your concerns and health history.

Radiesse with Dr. Feisee

At The Feisee Institute, we offer the top of the line services to help you look and feel your very best.

The owner of The Feisee Institute, Dr. Seddigheh Feisee, is a renowned, trusted, and well-respected Board Certified physician with extensive training in aesthetic services and laser surgery.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer at The Feisee Institute, visit our website here.

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Service Recipient Says

I think Dr. Feisee and her staff are great! I think Sarah is awesome. I have received Botox injections several times from Dr. Feisee and I have had no issues. Not sure why there are so many bad reviews. If you aren't happy, give them the opportunity to fix it, they will. I'm incredibly pleased with Dr. Feisee and staff and have never had a bad experience. I haven't written many reviews in my life but I think many of the negative reviews are wrong and I wanted to make that known. Go see her, she's a great doctor.

Angela K. OCT. 2017
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