Can I Drink Before My Botox?

Can I Drink Before My Botox, or Is There a Waiting Period After Cosmetic Injections?

Botox is a simple procedure that can lead to dramatic results. But, for it to work as well as it possibly can, certain considerations need to be made.

One such thing to think about before cosmetic injections is whether or not to consume alcohol beforehand. So, can I drink before my Botox, or is it best to avoid spirits before injections?

Can I Drink Before My Botox, or Should I Wait?

It’s best to avoid alcohol in any form for about a week before your Botox appointment. There are many reasons to avoid drinking before your Botox, the biggest of which being that alcohol is a vasodilator, widening your blood vessels and thinning your blood. This increases the risk of bruising and swelling near the injection site and can increase the time it takes to recover from your treatment.

Another reason is due to alcohol’s skin-drying properties, which is both generally bad for your skin but it can also make the healing process after receiving Botox take longer. Additionally, there is the possibility that alcohol could mask dizziness from the Botox treatment. If you are tipsy right before injections or hungover when you receive Botox, you may not be able to distinguish between symptoms from Botox and or from being hungover.

So next time a friend asks you, “Can I drink before my Botox,” you will be able to tell them the reasons they should save that bottle of wine for at least two days after their procedure!

Is There Anything Else I Should Avoid Before Botox?

Even though Botox is easy and not particularly risky, it is still a medical procedure so you should avoid any blood thinning medication like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. If you regularly take any of these or other medications you should check with your doctor before receiving Botox treatment.

Sounds Simple Enough! Where Should I Book Botox in Vienna for the Best Results?

Here at The Feisee Institute, we offer Botox to beautify! Contact us at 703-457-1040 today to book your cosmetic injections, and ask about our other age-defying services to better your aesthetic and maximize your results!

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